Here Comes Cousin Albert

Children's Books, General Fiction

By Steven Novak

Publisher : BenToby Books, an imprint of Canonbridge LLC

Here Comes Cousin Albert

ABOUT Steven Novak

Steven Novak
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Steven Novak has spent the majority of his life drawing, writing, and creating. In doing so he’s forsaken things like a personal life, social graces, and good hygiene.
     After spending four years at the Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columb More...


We all know a Cousin Albert from our childhood, and likely our kids do, too. Paul Wood's first children's story about Cousin Albert is written in rhyme, a stanza to a page, and is accompanied by fabulous illustrations by Steven Novak, Kids of all ages will relate, but this is definitely geared to ages 4 through 8.