Stripping Asjiah

General Fiction

By SaRese Thompson

Publisher : La' Femme Fatale' Productions, Inc.

Stripping Asjiah

ABOUT SaRese Thompson

SaRese Thompson
“I need to figure out how to stand on the clouds so I can reach the stars”... Sa’Rese If the eyes are the windows to the soul then Sa’Rese’s eyes are more like mirrors reflecting a mixture of pain, joy, and hope. Born on June 18, 1982 in Nuremberg Germany Sa’Rese grew up an arm More...


I wish someone could've told me by seventeen I would get raped by my uncle. That no one would believe me. Maybe then I could've prepared myself. No one was there to protect me. Instead I was thrown to the wolves. I had to find a way out, to escape all this madness. Before you judge me, what would you have done if you were in my position?