The Making of a Masterthief

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.

Publisher : TreasureLine Publishing

ABOUT Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.

Richard S. Wiggins, Jr.
Rick Wiggins has harbored a love of science fiction and fantasy books and movies for as long as anyone can remember.  He began to expand into his own world through writing many years ago.  His works at large, however, would not be shared with the deserving world until now.

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In the city of Sepultha, apprentice thief Lontel has stolen more than most master thieves in the guild but still the guildmaster won’t promote him.  Desperate to prove himself, he decides to kidnap the guild’s latest acquisition, an elf maiden, by telling her he is going to help her reach Shangri-la.  Found out and caught he must make good on his lie or die.

“Lontel, we are no longer in your fantasy world of Sepultha.  We’re in the real world now.  In the real world there are elves, wizards, goblins, trolls, dwarves, and countless other creatures who can think just as you do.  Almost none of them are friendly.  Most would as soon kill you as not.  In fact, most will go out of their way to do it and then dine on your bones.”

It takes almost no time for Lontel to learn just how true Davlena’s words are.  Men are almost universally hated by the other races.  There are countless creatures who want to kill them, use them, and even eat them.  Surviving the adventure will require all of his skills and more…much, much more.  Lontel has to learn what is needed and has no time or room for mistakes.