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B.L. Newport
Officially: B.L. Newport was born with a strong belief and sensitivity in the supernatural side of life. After growing up in the small Northwest Arkansas town of Siloam Springs, she has lived in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada. During these journeys, B.L. has discovered the joys of har More...



When Brigit Malone is accidentally killed on the eve of her ten year anniversary to her partner, Maggie Devon, she must face the probability that the promises she made to Maggie are broken. This is, until she is offered a unique proposal by the Grim Reaper himself. Knowing that she wants to keep her promises, Brigit accepts the offer and begins her new career -- and the adventures that go with it -- of being a Grim Reaper.

The process of writing this book began in 2006 after watching my first 24 hour marathon of Ghost Hunters. Through the course of writing it, my main focus was how the main character, Brigit Malone, would keep a promise she had made to her true love. In the days prior to and the days since its publication, I have been asked many times over : What's it about? It's about the power of True Love and the measures one might take to hang onto that love. It's the idea that True Love can exist and reach beyond the grave to affect the ones still existing on the mortal plane. It's about the truths of being good and being a good person. It's about the power of Faith -- faith in love, faith in honesty, faith in courage and, in a round-about-way, faith in the Divine. It's about continuing to grow and looking deeper than the surface because not everything is as it seems. It's about meeting a challenge -- rising to the occasion despite the discomfort of it and learning from it. It's about treating one another with a respect not based solely on likenesses and commonalities. The one commonality we all share is that we are all humans and we all have a soul. It doesn't matter what color our skin is, what subculture we identify with and find a place in, what label we put on our faith, who we voted for in the last election or who we love in our lifetime. What is important, in this writer's humble opinion, is that we are human, we have loved and we are all sparks of the Divine.

Interesting perception of the Grim Reaper, April 18, 2010
This review is from: Reapers, Inc.- Brigit's Cross (Paperback)
I like this one. The story was well put together and I found myself wanting to be the Reaper's Assistant!

This is the author's first book and I think she did a good job. While reading it it makes you question how you would react if you only had a very limited time with strangers. Would you be able to withhold judgment in order to help them pass through, or are we inclined to judge, even in death?

It was interesting to see the Grim Reaper portrayed as a regular person instead of what we normally get of "a skeleton covered in black robes". This added more of a realistic edge to the book. You end up kind of hoping that a friendly reaper will meet with you once you die and listen to your story as you prepare to move to the next level.

There were two big spelling errors (of the same word) that made me stop a minute, but once that page was turned, it read fluidly. The one thing I was not fond of, was the back cover. The font used made the "g" too elaborate and make it stand out too much. But if that is the worst thing I could say about the book, it's not too bad.

This was a good one. Keep it up B.L. Newport.