Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Moira Allen

Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing

ABOUT Moira Allen

Moira Allen



A comprehensive, caring guide to every aspect of pet loss bereavement... This book gives you the help you need to cope when you're hurting the most.  Find out how to help your children cope, how to memorialize your pet, even how to help other pets grieve their missing companion.

You're not alone! That was the driving message behind creating this book. In 1986, as managing editor of Dog Fancy magazine, I conducted a reader survey on pet loss -- and was overwhelmed by the number of responses. Even more overwhelming was the number of readers who began, "I'm probably the only person who feels this way, but..." This book was created to help grieving pet owners understand that you are NOT the only person who feels this way. Pet loss is normal and natural; you have lost a member of the family, a beloved companion, someone with an incredibly special place in your heart. The pain is real, and sometimes it feels as if you're just never going to feel better. This book was created to help you find ways to deal with that grief, that feeling of a great gaping hole that has suddenly opened in your life. It offers tips, suggestions, and support from pet owners around the country who have shared the pain you're going through. It gives you strategies to get through the hard times -- and to help those around you cope as well. As you move forward in the grieving process, it will also help you decide when, whether and how to bring a new companion into your household, how to protect pets against emergencies and disasters -- and how to help a friend cope with loss.

A wonderful, helpful book filled with information and guidance... Treats this serious subject with sympathetic feelings... An excellent guide allowing us to understand that we are not alone with our grief.  Anyone who has a pet should read it.

— Dog Week


Written with compassion and understanding; truly required reading for any pet owner.

— Dog World


Coping with Sorrow addresses every aspect of pet loss and grief... Written in a clear, friendly style... It takes a pet owner by the hand and walks him through the stages of bereavement, offering explanations and coping strategies at every step.

— Canine Concepts


A small gem of a book... [Allen’s] book fills the need for a comprehensive, yet easily read, publication on pet loss and owner bereavement.  The message is one of love, common sense, and practical information.

— The Delta Society


This book has been needed for a long time—like forever!  The wealth of information given by pet owners makes the book come alive.  It’s a lovely thing, beautifully and generously written from the bottom of a superb writer’s heart.

— Dog Writer’s Association of America


It gets right to the heart of the issue of pet loss, right to where people are hurting... [Its] warm, down-to-earth language reaches out to a pet owner on the level of friend to friend.

— Bloodlines