Sexual cravings & satisfaction

Sexual cravings & satisfaction

ABOUT Bernard Mersier

Bernard Mersier
My name is Bernard Mersier. I reside in Detroit, Michigan. I'm a published author of 3  books 1 stage play and 2 screenplays. My goal with writing is basically for my children will have someone to look up to and say that my dad is more then just my dad, but he means something to the world More...



Sexual cravings & satisfaction is a poetry book to not only get you're hormones raging ready to engage in some sexual contact. But, it's also a poetry book to help you understand the person that you're with or try to help you obtain the person that you want to be with. And once you combine them all in one, you will see how to hopefully keep not just the spiritual and mental part of the relationship content. But you will also keep you're bed room hot and steaming.