When Heaven Calls

ABOUT Courtney Stackhouse

Courtney Stackhouse
I was born in Washington DC and lived there until I was 18 and went to college, so a good number of stories I’ve written are based in the DC Metro area. I wrote my first story when I was five called “The Lost Girl.” I was writing adventure/suspense from the get-go(!) and I haven’t  More...



When Heaven Calls is the debut novel by premier author, Courtney Stackhouse. The story centers around mystery, sex, the power to heal, the ability to fly, and the consequences of not loving another. The story has two characters, Gregor and Sheila, who each have lived their lives without finding a way to connect to anyone except through their "art." When these two finally meet each other, a kindred bond is formed, but will it last? 118 Pages, 8x10 bound.

The inspiration for this book partly lies with the very famous Dan Chaon, who wrote YOU REMIND ME OF ME. Courtney studied under him at Oberlin college and gleaned every bit of his wit and smart approach to his work while provided his tutelage. Courtney set out in this novel to ask the question: can love be ordinary even for the extraordinary? As you read and connect with the two main characters in the book who possess incredible powers, you'll see their love is anything but!