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By Joyce GodwinGrubbs

Publisher : The Trula Godwin Project

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Joyce GodwinGrubbs
Author of the Greyhound Lady Walking series, I have nine books on Amazon Kindle Ebooks and three in print.. Mystery and romance/suspense books, they take real cases from my years of working with law enforcement and victims, and fictionalize them into powerful stories allowing the read More...









At fourteen, she was bound to a flagpole and deserted. At eighteen her Prince Charming complete with English Castle appeared and marriage seemed to offer a karmic redemption to balance her childhood. The next years would teach her the true meaning of family, unconditional love, and the existence of soul mates; but not before she experienced a life filled with mystery, suspense, revenge, and revelation.


If you have never had a “She-ro”, prepare to meet Presley Lynn Powers and know that never again will you look at women in the same way. Her dignity, strength and sense of purpose will propel you into a new mindset for your life and its meaning.


Meeting Momma Bets will give you a personal experience with pure love and hope, and the knowledge that “all women” are meant to find love, but first they give it away. This is foster parenting at its best.


Your life will be better for having met the men in Presley’s life. Learning the pitfalls of the Knight in Shining Armor that Bristol Lee Booth exposes: the un-reserved love and respect of a father, not of one’s blood, but of one’s spirit, as revealed by Chief Gage Jackson of Pristine Springs, Arkansas. Thrill at the determination of unconditional love as lived out by Chase Daniel Grant. Revel in his dedication to be true to his dream, to himself and to the woman he loves his entire life without fail: and proves a real man’s love never fails.

This novel is actually a book of the "Greyhound Lady Walking" series of eleven books. It is meant to whet the readers' appetite to read and learn the stories of the other couples and to learn how their unique "works and organizations" were started. In the first book, "Loving Pride" the story of Trula Kiser, policewoman, then VIP bodyguard to Oscar nominated star Judd Miner, startles the reader into action. The couple have a "collision introduction" into the world of formidable, Pride Godwin. The story of their powerful struggle to see who will fulfill her destiny with a little help from "Armadillo magic" is one you won't soon forget. They begin a most unique high-risk rescue shelter for victims and help them into the underground while each man vies for the woman he wants and loves. The second book, is the signature book of the series of seven. "Greyhound Lady Walking" is s thrilling love story of an amazing strong and dedicated woman, Sam Huston. Her unforgettable meeting with two rich and opposite tycoon brothers, causes conflict and competition when they witness her unorthodox "tease" to assist the local Sheriff. It introduces " The Greyhound Ranch" for the rescue and adoption of racers, and a very "hidden" transport of underground victims. The third book " Three Times a Woman" is a suspenseful thriller right out of the gate. A federal officer saves a college student after a rape and gang related secret is revealed to her on the crisis line, concerning a murder. Years later the federal agent encounters a formidable female bodyguard and finds out it is her. Their conflicts and cases are a fast paced series of events as she does not know his identity or that she is in danger having been found out again by the gang leader Snake. Their escape takes them through the Midwest and into the secret underground settlement of victims in Wyoming, as he struggles to save her, and she fights his every effort. The fourth novel, " A Woman's Revenge is Love" is a searing novel of love, betrayal, death, loss, redemption and hope wrapped up in the arms of two of the series most daring and sensitive characters. When Tori's fiancee' is killed in a bomb explosion going underground, she blames the federal agent in charge, Hunter Summers and sets out to prove him wrong when he tries to tell her the NFL Superbowl football player she loved, had a lover and a child. They encounter secrets, smugglers, murders and kidnapping while struggling with the ghost that stands between their growing attraction. The fifth novel is "Before Your Very Eyes" which takes you into the heart of country music and it's star,Zane Winters and his bodyguard who is trying to capture the elusive stalker. The bodyguard is his childhood sweetheart and writing partner, Sunny Gail Briscoe. Zane betrayed her at a moment they were going to become one, and now wants to marry her. Their foray into the CMA awards, the return of a man from her young past, and the kidnappings and revelations of a love child set up the dynamics of a two family love story. Grandma Lady weaves the love and silken threads of forgiveness in making the parties come through it with amazing growth and unexpected results. The sixth novel is "If This Isn't Love" and it is a fast paced novel of political corruption and behind the scenes domestic violence, murder and kidnappings. Twins separated as toddlers are reunited by a troublesome private investigator who mistakes the secret agent twin sister, Stevie Anna Hart, for a "pole dancing, motorcycle gang rider," and a threat to his client. His comeuppance is funny, endearing and women will never forget T. Boone Parker; in fact they will look for him in every man they meet. The Monday Night Flight club brings all the people, places and things together in summation as the last needed service is put into play. All the people of the Greyhound experience, band together to save Presley Lynn Powers from the evil abuser that seeks revenge. A tender, loving and inspiring love story that is "stolen" from the main characters by the indomitable Momma Bets. There are four more books all found on in ebook form and six books are in print. Trust me, as the author. I saved the best for last. Two more novels have joined in: Mysteries of the Dogwood Diaries and The Strong/wrong Side of the Tracks.

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5.0 out of 5 stars As a storyteller, Joyce Godwin Grubbs ranks up there with the best., July 2, 2010
This review is from: The Monday Night Flight Club (Greyhound Lady Walking) (Kindle Edition)
The Monday Night Flight Club is one of seven novels written by Grubbs with the main subject being domestic abuse. Grubbs writes on this subject from years of experience. She has spent a large share of her life as an advocate for persons abused by people they love. Consequently, some of this book is disconcerting, but Grubbs breaks the mood with humor and romance. Her characters are believable because they are based on real-life people. And, the "good guys," who are very likeable, eventually come out on top.
Grubbs is an excellent story-teller. I couldn't put the book down,and read it in one sitting. Her knowledge of life, and of people, comes alive through her writing. She is a "gem," yet to be discovered.
Lyle Ernst, Freelance writer/editor
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5.0 out of 5 stars Keep those pages turning, July 28, 2010
This review is from: The Monday Night Flight Club (Greyhound Lady Walking) (Kindle Edition)
At just eighteen, Presley finds her Prince Charming, Bristol, who whisks her off to England. Presley soon discovers, however, that her prince is really a beast, who repeatedly abuses her. Presley finally escapes, and she has grown from her hardship. She now helps other abused women escape their abusers, by establishing the "Monday Night Flight Club." The ex-husband, however, is determined to have revenge, by taking Presley's new life apart. Although, Presley is ever facing a new challenge, she is not alone. She has the help of the foster family that raised her, in addition to her makeshift family of the people she has brought into her home. Will the obsessive hate of one man prevail? Or, can a group of people, brought together by adversity, use their love to conquer all?

Joyce Godwin Grubbs will keep you turning the pages. Her pose is smooth and flowing, creating a book that reads so quickly you won't want to put it down. We are often on the edge of our seat as Presley faces seemingly endless challenges. Then, with the help of her extended family, she finds a unique and fascinating escape. Each of these vignettes gives the reader an uplifting feeling that is full of hope. All the while, we learn about how abused women are freed from their circumstances. No longer victims, abused women and abandoned children have grown together to help one another, as well as others in need.

The novel is fleshed out with several fascinating and admirable characters. Momma Bets steals all her scenes, thanks to her strong personality and wisdom. Chase captures our hearts with his unshakable love of Presley.

This novel successfully works on two completely different levels. On one level, it is a community service, alerting the reader to domestic violence and what can be done to help. On another level, it is a compelling suspense, as the cunning villain is known, but repeatedly escapes being caught. With both aspects combined, this book becomes a powerful read.