Secret Betrayals

General Fiction

By Harriet Wilson

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Harriet Wilson

Harriet Wilson
Self-publishing her debut novel in 2009, Harriet Wilson has always had a wild and creative imagination. Writing poetry since her young teenage years, she has always had a passion for putting pen to paper and writing unforgettable stories.

She hopes to become a bestselling autho More...



Jasmine Reeves has it all - a good education, a cool job, a man who loves her, and a man she loves too. Unfortunately, they're not one in the same. After falling hard for her friend's husband, Jasmine has to figure out what direction her life is going to take. 

Toya Johnson loves the luxuries of life and has no problem using the oldest profession to obtain them. But when she unexpectedly finds the man of her dreams, she can't seem to shake the past that keep scoing back to 
haunt her. 

Chante Summers has a handsome and successful husband who provides for her in every way. What more could a girl ask for right? Unfortunately, some people are never satisfied. Bored with her housewife routine and a husband whose bedroom skills are less exciting than a can of paint, Chante has no choice but to satisfy herself in other ways. 

When lust, deceit, and betrayal collide, will these three women have what it takes to overcome it?
***** (5 Star Review)
Secret Betrayals is a messed up way to define friendship. Meet the ladies that will have you screaming, laughing and just plain shaking your head! This book brings the best and worst out of the people involved and still leaves you wanting more. Sexy Steaming and HOT is my best description of this page turner! 

               ~Karen Reynolds

***** (5 Star Review)
OMG, Secret Betrayals had my attention from the first word. We have three woman with three different stories. However I do have one that I like she is the Gold-digger. Not that I am saying I am one, but every now and then I can learn a thing or two. One thing I can say like Mary J Blige "Don't let a woman cook in your kitchen" 

            ~Ms. Wink

**** (4 Star Review)
I was captivated from the first page of Secret Betrayals. The story line has a familliar theme as we all have known at least one of these characters. Jasmine the woman with the good man waiting in the wings, but would rather have what she can't...even if he belongs to someone else, Toya the Gold digger who has made her dating her job, she refuses to get emotionally attached and Chante who has the ideal life but is the prime example of money cant buy you happiness. This book offers some really close calls and will definately bring a new meaning to keeping your enemies close but your friends closer. The events change and keep you intrigued throughout the reading...

       ~M. Peterson

***** (5 Star Review)
As I began to read Secret Betrayals I knew I was not going to be able to put it down. Can you say juicy it had my mouth watering for more with all the drama and action. You will definitely find someone you know in the book whether its Jasmine who falls in love with a married man but has a man that worships every step she take and lord forbids she get pregnant, Toya The gold digger the chick that puts a price to everything but pays the ultimate price, or Chante a lady that has everything at home with a supportive family but seeks that thug lovin she's not getting at home. Yes you can definitely take a few life pointers from this book because this is definitely happening in a neighborhood near you!

      ~Misbehavin Mink

**** (4 Star Review)
Secret Betrayals is a fascinating story that held my attention from the beginning to the end. The three friends, Jasmine, Chante, and Toya, had me completely wrapped up in their lives. Jasmine is cheating on her rich husband, Josh. And Josh is cheating on her with her friend, Chante, while Toya is sleeping with everybody (and calling them sponsors). But as the story unfolds, each woman begins to realize that there are consequences for their actions. Told from a first-person point of view, you feel as if you're living the life of each character whether you want to or not. 

As a debut author, I applaud Mrs. Wilson's efforts and hopes that she will continue writing and sharing such lively stories...

        ~Barbara Joe Williams

**** (4 Star Review)
Secret Betrayals was a delight to read. I was able to read this book in one sitting as it was filled with twists and turns. At times, I was shaking my head because I could not believe the turn of events. This book had the perfect recipe for disaster and drama when a person mistakes lust for love and gets the two emotions confused. As human beings, we sometimes get love and lust confused and the characters of "Secret Betrayals" were no exception. The reader will probably recognize either a part of themselves or someone that they know while reading this book because it touches on real life situations. I could not stop reading this book and I look forward to reading more from Harriet Wilson. 

     ~Tiffany Craig

*** (3 Star Review)
When I started reading this book, I thought "Oh No not another book on sleeping with my friends man", but as I got in to Secret Betrayals, I must admit I recognized a few people I know, and found that I couldn't put it down. It seems no one is ever satisfied with what they have for one reason or another. If drama,lust, and betrayals is your forte,then this quick read won't dissapoint. 

   ~Melody Vernor

***** (5 Star Review)
I love the book it is a page turner. I couldn't put the book down, there is so much where you will see what real woman are going through today. This author is delivering in this book you will want to laugh,cry and it will also make you mad. This is a must read!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read the next book

    ~C. Drayton

***** (5 Star Review)

It has always amazed me how we as humans function in lust; believing it to be love. Its also amazing the excuses we use to stay in dysfunctional lustful relationships. Merriam Webster Online dictionary defines lust as an "intense longing" and love as "strong affection for another" no wonder we can't always differenitate the two and the characters of Secret Betrayls have a tough time as well. 

Life's situations taught Toya early on that she possessed something of value when used to it's fullest potential. This possession allows her to live the life some of us only dream about. Chante is married to Josh, he's handsome and successful. His success at Swagga, Inc. affords his wife the dreamy lifestyle she lives as a stay at home mom B.A.P (Black American Princess).But the thing Josh is lacking he finds outside the home. Lastly we are introduced to Jasmine; single and living the life with no regrets however the choices she makes and the karma she releases into the universe certainly remembers her name. All three women find that life's choices are not so black and white; there's many shades of grey. 

I really enjoyed Secret Betrayal's; the storyline kept me turning the pages and it was fun getting to know the characters. If you are looking for a light read filled with drama, twist and moments of oh noo she didn't then this is the book for you. 

   ~Readers Paradise Bookclub