Oceans of Love

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Katherine Harms
Do you live the Christian life as if you were a new employee trying to learn the rules? Or are you creating your life in relationship with Christ, fulfilling your dream using the talents God has given you? I write about Christian living with the goal of helping people to live rather than s More...



God uses things we know to teach us about things we do not know. This book contains thirty meditations on biblical texts with reference to oceans or water which teach us about the vastness of God's love for us.

I live and cruise full-time on a bluewater sailboat. I am also a committed Christian who loves the life God has given me. I wrote this book in answer to repeated questions about how I sustained my faith or found a way to worship privately while cruising. It isn't as hard as people think. I haven't always been a sailor. I worked on land for most of my life, but in 2007, I retired from software consulting to live and cruise. We love it. We also love the Lord, and this book is a testimony to many wonderful lessons learned from the Bible and from God's University of Cruising afloat.