Three Are Even Better

Family & Relationships

By Shon Hyneman

Publisher : Never Again Ministries

ABOUT Shon Hyneman

Shon Hyneman
Happily married for 14 years with 2 children. Founder of Never Again which prepares singles for marriage. Author of 5 books. Hosts the Doctor of Love Show Podcast which can be found on Stitcher, iTunes, iHeartRadio & Google Play. Certified from A.A.C.C (American Association of Chris More...



Three are even better is based on a marriage that has God in the midst of their marriage. We cover ALL topics of marriage from communication, children, conflict resolution, to sex. Who makes the rules in your home? Is it the person who makes the most money? The woman? Mother in law? Marriages are easier when man and woman understand their roles.

The benefits of having God in the middle of your marriage. God has worked wonders in my marriage because my wife and me understand that God has a order for marriages. When we operate effectively in our God given roles, it makes marriage easier.

 “Three Are Even Better” is a must read for all singles. I know I was truly blessed by this book. From his experiences, Shon explains on what it takes to have a successful and healthy marriage. The best part is that he has the scriptures to back up everything he talks about. Through his words, he has given me a better understanding on what to expect before going into a marriage. So singles, let me say this again. While we’re waiting to be blessed with a spouse, please support this man of God and purchase this wonderful book. Trust me, you WILL be blessed. –Lorinda Merritt

"Three are even better" has helped me take back my marriage that the enemy tried 
to break up through divorce. After reading this book, it has helped me to know
what a Godly marriage looks like & it a key source to my marriage being
restored. Thanks Shon for your profound Godly wisdom.
-Broderick Walton