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Langdon Hues
"You know I'm a dreamer, with a heart of gold. I had to run away high, so I didn't come back..." Oh wait a minute, that's a Motley Crue song. I'm a 40 year old guy who thought life ended at 30, but then realized it's just beginning. So know I'm just enjoying life as best I can an More...


      A Book, An Invitation, A Duel?
     "A story of two friends who incite their dreams of building a cabin upon a mountainside overlooking the
PatuccaRiver and Honduran jungle. After joining a local cause worth fighting, they realize their disillusionment and now have a bigger problem they must face alone. But then again, what plan ever goes accordingly? In "A Lesson Learned"

     In a book that tries to take you back to a time when Kings led their armies and joined the fight upon the battlefield, and two men would settle their differences upon a "Field of Honor!"

      “Do you think we’re prepared for everything? The question, uttered friend to friend in a rattly single-engine seaplane, was about the only thing that could cover every possibility of what they were about to do.

The pilot of the plane is the one who asked. His name is Eke – pronounced like his initials – E.K.

His co-pilot named Bill smiled and answered the question the best way he could: “There’s only one way to find out.” And then he pointed down. “There it is. That’s the bend way up there in the river. Take her down.”

“Here we go,” said Eke, as he tilted the nose down towards the river. “Looking for adventure.”

      “That’s right, brother,” said Bill. “Looking for adventure. Whatever comes our way.”

Well, growing up during the eighties there was this little known scandle called the Contra affair. I was sixteen at the time and thought wouldn't it be great to live under the stars in the Honduran jungle and find a girl and a good cause to support. Then when I turned thirty (and homeless at times) I realized living under the stars sucked, I'll never get the girl, and any cause I join I'll just screw up and have a bigger problem to fix- just like everything else in my life! Thus the phrase "What plan ever goes accordingly?"