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Savannah is a wife and mother, who had everything she ever wanted in life; a handsome husband, two healthy sons, a lovely home and a job she enjoyed going to everyday.  Her dream life came to an end one spring evening, when two gunmen entered her home late one night.  That unfortunate incident gave rise to the birth of a woman’s fury that no one had ever witnessed before, and this would take Savannah into a world filled with mayhem and confusion. Surrounded by crooked cops, dangerous hit men and so-called untouchables, the odds were against Savannah as she tries to figure out who the culprits were that ruined her once comfortable life and why. Fearing for the safety of her family, along with the rage that was burning inside her, Savannah had no choice but to seek out the answers she needed in order to regain control of her life; while bringing closure to the kayos.