The Interrogators

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The Interrogators

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Frank Arrington is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, assigned to an air base in Iwakuni, Japan; who presence was requested to come home by his family through the Red Cross, to attend his younger brother’s funeral.  On the day of the funeral, his cousin Shaneen, former underground hip-hop artist turned corporate executive, gave Frank a name of someone who may have contributed to the death of his little brother.  With the back up of Tray and Preacher two of his closest friends that was in town for the funeral, they assisted Frank in turning four of the five boroughs of New York City inside out; for answers.  The methods Frank and his team used, to extract information from those on their list were straight off the pages of a horror movie.  Their tactics led them on a trail to a person that was so connected, the feds were afraid to mess with.  Now Frank had to come up with a plan to take this monster down, a plan if not executed with precision accuracy…could cost him and his team their lives.