Fair Game

General Fiction

By Esquire Publications

Publisher : Esquire Publications

Fair Game

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Born in South Carolina to an influential family, the once promising life of Dana Estick took a turn for the worse after the death of her mother. After years of being sexually abused by her father, and with no one to talk to, she confided in Brian Washington, a friend of her father's. It wasn’t long before she and Brian had an ongoing affair. Their relationship remained a secret until her father found out. Angry and enraged, he decided to teach her a lesson. Tired of the abuse, nineteen-year-old Dana Estick flees to the bright light and big city promises of New York in search of a new beginning and to bury a past filled with physical and sexual violence at the hands of her father. What she finds instead is the beginning of a downward spiral filled with recruitment on the internet, drugs, sex for hire, and betrayal at every turn. With high hopes of making it in the city, Dana’s weakness for older men would come back to haunt her.