Money, Hustle, & Betrayal

General Fiction

By Esquire Publications

Publisher : Esquire Publications

Money, Hustle, & Betrayal

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Cairo and Rodney have always been the best of friends, growing up in the harsh inner city of Miami. After toiling for years under notorious drug kingpin Hammer, they decided to take control of the game together. But, rage coupled with jealousy equals treachery. Rodney chooses to take the game for himself by eliminating out all those who are associated with Cairo, including Cairo himself. When Cairo learns about Rodney’s actions, he gathers his own crew together to fight back against Rodney and his men. Now, Cairo and Rodney are embroiled in a drug feud, determined to stand face to face until one falls. However, Cairo’s pregnant girlfriend Shawnee tries to reason with him not to take revenge on Rodney for the sake of their family. Caught in a battle between street dreams and the safety of his family, Cairo must decide on his path before Rodney.


Money, Hustle, and Betrayal is about the betrayal of friendship. A man who has everything always gains enemies, even in friends. What most devastating is the loss friendship and the gaining of an enemy based one success.