Why I Quit Another Job...going against the grain in search of purpose

Why I Quit Another Job...going against the grain in search of purpose

ABOUT John Meyer

John Meyer
John and his wife Amy are passionate speakers who live for helping others understand the process in discovering their passion and purpose in life. They enjoy writing, teaching and listening to the heart
of what others have to say. They know what it feels like to
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Have you ever felt like your dream would never come to pass?
Do you like your job?
Have you ever had a boss that mistreated or misunderstood you?
Is your life all that it could be?
Frustrated and feel like screaming half the time?

If your answer is yes to any or all of these, this book is for you.
If you are frustrated about a job you can’t stand or living from
paycheck to paycheck, with seemingly no end in site, you are not alone.
Statistics say that 70% or more of all working people “hate” their
jobs; even in a down economy.

Why I Quit another Job is a real life story about a man named Johnny
who is on a desperate search in life to obtain the purpose for which he
was born.
He shares the struggles, emotional pain and abuse he goes through
on different jobs, trying to discover his niche.
This story is also a journey of development and discovery. Johnny
explains that although we encounter hardship and pain in life
sometimes, there is much to be gained by what we go through.
In the end he discovers what makes him come alive.

We invite you to come along and discover why you too can reach
what you are longing for and that is; purpose birthed by way of
experience and trial.