Written In Stone

Written In Stone

ABOUT Rie McGaha

Rie McGaha
I'm a wife, Nana and chief pooper scooper around here. I have 12 kids, 33 grandkids (and counting). I have 9 dogs and 3 cats that are all rescues. I encourage spay/neutering and work to stop the breeding of animals. Gardening, sewing, crocheting and knitting are some of my hobbies, but my  More...



Gavin Richard Charles Philip Stone III is handsome, rich and has his pick of any woman he wants. He has no desire to settle down and produce grandchildren for his mother, but after a hundred and fifty years of playing the field, he might just have found the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, she has no interest in him whatsoever!

Angela Elliott has been confined to a wheelchair ever since an accident killed her husband and unborn child. She detests attending any social affair at all but her caregiver just won't take no for an answer sometimes. Giving in one more time, she went to the ball only to sit in the back and watch the other young women dance the night away. That is until Mr. Stone introduces himself and asks her to dance. She is polite but has no desire to be pitied and turns him down flat.

But when Gavin is out strolling one night he catches Mrs. Elliott in a very precarious position...