If I'm So Smart, Where Did All My Money Go?

Business, Money & Investing

By Doug Warshauer

Publisher : CFMB Books

ABOUT Doug Warshauer

Doug Warshauer
Doug Warshauer is the founder of Kessler Warshauer Ventures, a highly successful private equity investment firm. He developed the techniques presented in this book by modeling the prospects of hundreds of businesses. Here, for the first time ever, he makes these techniques available to fam More...



In these tough economic times, people are wondering why they can’t seem to make ends meet, why they aren’t able to put money away in savings, and how they’re going to save for retirement or college education. While many people have good salaries, nice cars and a beautiful home, they can’t seem to put any money aside at the end of the month in savings or an investment account.


The financial crisis fascinated Doug. On his website he comments, “Of the crisis' many causes, the cumulative influence of millions of people's poor personal financial decisions stands out. Why did so many people buy homes they couldn't afford and finance those purchases with mortgages they couldn't pay?


The massive amounts of debt that people accumulated does not mean that Americans are stupid or greedy, or that they cannot defer gratification. It reflects the fact that people have substantial conflicting financial objectives and they do not know how to balance them all.”


In the new book, 'If I'm so Smart, Where did all My Money Go?' author Doug Warshauer (September, 2010, $24.95) takes a unique approach in sharing his principles for getting on solid financial ground. Through the use of a fictional story, Doug presents ten different individuals who have financial struggles of various types. In the story, these ten people are attending a financial seminar and are learning where they have gone wrong, what they need to fix, and how they can start saving and investing.


'If I'm so Smart, Where did all My Money Go?'offers specifics for anyone to learn how to establish financial stability. Author Doug Warshauer explains in an understandable and no-nonsense approach, what families, individuals and seniors should be budgeting or spending each month on their various expenses starting with the largest and most prominent expenses--home and automobile. He explains which are the next expenses to review and how to keep these expenses in line.


Topics discussed include.

  • Exactly how much YOU need to save for your Home, College, and Retirement
  • How to prioritize YOUR savings goals
  • Exactly how much YOU can afford to spend on everything: your house, your car, food, clothing, and entertainment
  • Which debt YOU should pay off and which you should keep
  • Whether YOU should buy a home or rent one
  • When YOU should invest in stocks and when to choose safer investments


Many of the current books on the marketplace today offer conventional advice avoiding the tough questions about how to balance conflicting demands like credit cards, retirement investments, mortgages, college fund, insurance and living expenses. The result: record levels of personal debt and home foreclosures. People desperately need actionable financial advice.


At the end of 'If I'm so Smart, Where did all My Money Go?' Doug has provided several worksheets and tables to further aid readers in their plans. He has also created numerous complementary printable forms and downloadable spreadsheets for personal information and to easily build a Lifetime Financial Plan that are free on his website, www.DougWarshauer.com.

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Great book! My wife picked up this book and after she read it, she insisted that I read it. I'm glad she did. It was a terrific book--extremely readable and informative. You don't have to be a Harvard MBA to understand what Warshauer explains so well. Let's face it, we all want to believe that we know how to manage our own finances and that we do it well, but this book really explains how to do it. My wife and I have two kids that will be ready for college in a few years and we need to be prepared financially in order to make that possible. This book gives us the tools to put together some solid financial planning. I have never written a review for anything before, but I am recommending Warshauer's book to all of my family and friends. Everyone should read this book! - Steve Marshall, Amazon reviewer