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Sarah ODonoghue
I'm a UK-based writer with a background in language and science teaching and I'm co-author of Oxford Content and Language Support: Science (2010 Oxford University Press). I've been living and breathing science fiction for over twenty years.  I've been involved in many fandoms from Doct More...


Primortia: the holy seizure that strikes without warning, the curse that has shaped a thousand years of Hutosan culture and civilization.

After losing her brother to Primortia, Shonoka Lagan devotes her life to studying the phenomenon. 

Now she believes it can be stopped.

With clues from her grandmother's diary, Shonoka begins an adventure that reveals the secrets of her family, her planet, and the ageless stranger with his peculiar green stone...

The first ideas for Primortia were sparked about five years ago when I had the idea of a woman learning about her grandmother from diaries she'd left behind. Primortia started as a project for Nanowrimo 2006 and evolved into a full-length novel and entire universe over the next three years. I'm planning to tell many other stories within the growing and ever-evolving Primortia universe.


"I really enjoyed my read of Sarah O'Donoghue's first novel. The book is fun, well paced and plotted, with characters that felt simultaneously new and familiar. What I loved most about the book, though, was the world-building; after reading, I wanted to know more about the worlds that Shonoka and the mysterious Varin inhabit, and I wanted to experience more of their adventures. The storytelling method works, although it does take a bit of getting used to. Still, in a novel featuring time travel, one can hardly expect the story to proceed in a linear fashion!  Overall, a delightful romp I'm looking forward to experiencing again on a reread. " (Review on

"Primortia is an excellent first novel, and we can only hope that O'Donoghue will continue to explore the world she has created here--and provide answers to a few remaining questions--or to apply her world-building skills to an exciting new project. "(Review on

"For someone who has not read a sci-fi in over a decade this was a surprising and intriguing read. The descriptions of the Sanctuary are captivating. Lucid prose,vivid descriptions and the pacy adventure keep you reading more. An intelligent and original plot which one could realy imagine appearing as a TV serial...I am hooked and look forward to the sequel!" (Review on

"A fantastic read! The author has cleverly written this gripping book that really does get you thinking. Once you start reading I guarantee you'll keep on reading! It's probably the most exciting book I've read so far this year and would definitely recommend it."  (Review on Lulu)