In Mind: A Collection of Poetry

Young Adult, Romance, Poetry

By Diya Das

Publisher : Tribute Books

ABOUT Diya Das

Diya Das
Diya Das was born in India on 24th September, 1991. She is currently a senior at Wyoming Seminary College Preparatory School at Kingston in northeast Pennsylvania. She lives in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania with her parents. A National AP Scholar and a member of Johns Hopkins University' More...



I want to write / Something that you will believe / Something that’s more than these words

And does she ever. Poet DIYA DAS illuminates six years of adolescence through her introspective verse. Diya’s first artistic musings are young and playful. As her inner landscape develops, themes become more complex as she ponders the contradictory nature of life.

I spend my life on the fence / Between who you think I am and who I always was

Lines like these crystallize the transformation of young girl into mature woman. As Diya begins to shape the foundation of her character, she takes an active role choosing what she will retain from childhood and what she will discard. With each poetic endeavor, her creativity is sharpened through the increased depth of her day-to-day experiences.

I’ll see you tomorrow / And again and again / Sometime in eternity / I don’t know when / But that’s where you’ll find me / When tomorrow comes again

The portrait of Diya as an artist comes into focus as she grasps the transcendent power inherent in the written word. Her teenage self eternally resides in these pages.