Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy

ABOUT Patricia Puddle

Patricia Puddle
I have published my junior fantasy novel, Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy on Amazon as an eBook. It will also be available soon as a paperback. I have also published my chapter book Star-Crossed Rascals with YouWriteOn and that should be available with booksellers in a few weeks,



This story is about a nine-year-old bald girl who is bullied at her new school. Escaping from nasty boys, she runs into the forest to escape. When she stops to pick wildflowers, she comes upon a fairy caught in the bow of a tree. The fairy proclaims to be Roseberry - Fairy of Crabtree Forest. She promises to grant Velvet a wish if she saves her, but when Velvet unhooks her from the tree, the wish doesn't work.


The fairy tries to escape by flying away, but she falls to the ground with a thump. Velvet feels sorry for the injured little sprite and takes her home and hides her in her bedroom.


But the fairy isn't at all endearing. She's rude, bad mannered and spoilt and she expects to be waited on like a princess. Velvet figures that Roseberry has no magic because she didn't pay attention in Magic school, but the fairy is not interested in learning anything. All she cares about is admiring herself in the mirror and eating nice food. And she loves getting up to mischief and getting velvet into trouble.


When Velvet’s had enough of the snotty little sprite, she threatens to take her back into the forest, but before she has a chance, Roseberry is kidnapped by the meanest bullies in the village. Knowing the boys will harm the fairy, Velvet sets out to save her. After all, Roseberry is her only friend in the whole world.