ABOUT David Robinson

David Robinson
60 year old blogger, freelance writer, novelist, editor and manuscript advisor from Manchester UK, 5th novel (Voices) just published.


When college lecturer Chris Deacon survives a terrorist attack, he finds himself haunted by strange demons and voices in his head, seeking to control him. His determination to be rid of them take him to a remote area of Northumberland where he uncovers a Cold War experiment, it's vile progeny still seeking their freedom.

I'm quite hard of hearing and when I take my hearing aids out, I often think I've heard someone speak when, in fact, they haven't. At the time I wrote Voices, I also had a broken ankle. I coupled the hearing problem and broken ankle to my love of sci-fi/psychohorror and asked, "What if ...?

Spellbound ... I stayed up until one a.m. to finish it. Marit Meredith, Editor, The Pages magazine.