The Coven: apprenticeship to witchcraft

Religion & Spirituality

By Tim Ozpagan

Publisher : WitchesWorkshop Publishing

The Coven: apprenticeship to witchcraft

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A forth coming book...
Exploring the experience of Coven based Witchcraft author Tim Hartridge shares more than thirty years in group ritual processes. Anyone who has working in a Coven will be only too familiar with the challenges that group magickal work poses. For the novice trying to start a Coven it can appear overwhelming, and many fail before the get started. A Coven can either take your personal initiation further than could be achieved alone, or send you spiraling into despair. This book explores many of these pitfalls and provides a number of strategies to help the beginner and the experienced witch alike to have the best possible chance at achieving success and an empowering initiatory journey.
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"If I'd waited to be invited to join a Coven I'd still be waiting", says author Tim Hartridge. After more than thirty years of practical experience Tim has encountered many of the challenges that being involved in a Coven is likely to bring. "I made many mistakes in trying to keep a Coven going, but one of things I realised was that the natural cycles every witch is only too familiar with, applies to Covens as well." Tim shares many personal stories about the witches he has worked with and ultimately learnt from. Tim explores a number mythic and inner-work processes he has personally used in navigating the depths of the witches' initiatory craft. Tim guides us through the many questions every witch has about working with others in a Coven and provides the principles he has used to achieve the best outcome. Considered sometimes provocative by the pagan community, Tim Hartridge speaks frankly about a life immersed in psychic experiences and the value to be found in group and Coven ritual work. "The Coven: Apprenticeship to Witchcraft" is a must have reference book for anyone involved a coven and wanting to become involved in group ritual work.