Prince Andy And The Misfits: Shadow Man

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Karen Gammons
Hi, my name is Karen Gammons. I was born in 1966, in the state of Montana. Shortly after, we moved to Denver Colorado, where we lived until I was thirteen. Then we moved to the great state of Texas, where I have been ever since.
     I love reading. All through my childhood you co More...


Andy thought he was just an average sixteen-year-old kid

But one day his world is completely turned upside down as he learns the unbelievable truth of his identity: he is the prince of a faraway kingdom called Filligrim in the Valley of the Misfits. A magical place where pixies, elves, wizards, and dragons are just as likely to be inhabitants as humans. He was brought to this world following his birth, the only way to keep him from being murdered by his evil malicious grandfather.

Sounding more like a fairytale than reality, Andy at first thinks he must be dreaming. But then his aunt Gladdy reveals even more astonishing news: his mother, the Queen of the Misfits, is in trouble; shes been captured by goblins, and its up to Andy to rescue her.  Still in shock, he makes a decision that will forever alter life as hes known it. He will return to Filligrim and, with the help of six heroic Misfits, will embark on a mission to save the kingdom from the clutches of evil.

In Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man, Andy encounters one adventure after another as he works to uncover a traitor, rescue the queen from goblins, retrieve a stone of immense power, and solve the mystery surrounding the Shadow Man, the sinister mastermind behind it all. And perhaps most importantly, he must ultimately discover if he has the heart to become a true prince.
Lenda Selph--Teacher/Proofreader
I absolutely love this book! The theme of "Misfits" connects with the reader right away, since so many people in real life feel as though they just don't "fit in."
Adults and children will see creatures and kingdoms leap off the pages as the author expertly guides their imaginations, describing a land ne'er before dreamed of.
I can see teachers and parents reading this book to their students/children with the fun of learning new words, like "surreptitiously," and study guide questions to encourage discussion. But the best part of all, it is fun to read--for all ages!

Lisa Tortorello- Author of My Hero, My Ding
In Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man, Karen does a wonderfully picturesque job of making her readers feel that they themselves have been transported to another land. I found myself enthralled with the characters be it the elves, goblins, or myriad of others who show up throughout the story. While set in far away lands, there are some tried and true messages like good over evil, having a good heart, and most importantly that it is okay to be different...(just like the Misfits themselves); it's definitely what's on the inside that counts. This is a greatly developed story that will leave you wanting more!

Author of My Hero, My Ding
Lisa Tortorello

Michael Abel-Smith
Hi Karen.
Yesterday got my copy, at last. Only one problem, I have finished it. It was enthralling. I started to read, and just continued till bed time. Then first thing this morning, picked it up and finished it.
Super and gripping. I hope the next installment is soon available.
I do hope the readers of My wife's book are in for the same joy ride that I had.
Michael Abel-Smith.