Human Nature

Poetry, Biographies & Memoirs

By Michael D Blackburn

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Michael D Blackburn

Michael D Blackburn
Michael D Blackburn was born, at a very early age, in 1937, on the now well-renowned Golden Mile in Leicester. He was the first of four siblings born to his mother and father over a five-year period. It was a good life, considering the first hurdle was World War II, which we did not ev More...



This collection of stories and rhymes has been gathered together for the first time in one volume, showing the author's versatility as a writer.

MD Blackburn began putting pen to paper in March 2009, having never written before. He often wonders where the words come from. He ranges from poetry to prose as he ponders life's past experiences, taking the reader back into a time when life was simple. He examines his own childhood and encourages the reader to explore their own nostalgia. His poetry and prose is intended to hold up a mirror. Readers may see themselves in his words and feel a ripple of surprise when they see where life's path has led.

Read on, question your own perceptions, find yourself… and most of all enjoy.

Influenced by a voice heard in a church service, Human Nature is the first of a collection of stories and poems that explore, and celebrate life and all its intricacies.

The poetry is wonderful – so clear and concise, written with precision; love the color of spring, and the leaf… very nice to wake up to on the first day of fall…
Rose Sefton
Former College Instructor and author, USA

Dennis is a fine man and a terrific writer. I am appointing myself the head of his American fan club… Midwest Chapter.
Donna Strahlan Brown