Tales of the Bright, the Dark, & the Bizarre

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Maurice Connolly

Publisher : SilverWood Books

ABOUT Maurice Connolly

Maurice Connolly
Author Maurice Connolly has previously been a pub landlord, an auctioneer and a farmer. He spent his early years at Kilmeaden, County Waterford, growing up on a farm with one brother, Michael. After finishing school, he worked for a spell in London, and on his return to the farm he wrote a More...


This compilation of short stories is a brilliant, subversive read…

Connolly is a fascinating storyteller who brings his numerous characters dramatically into being with natural, true-to-life dialogue. He encapsulates the very essence of southern Ireland, transporting you there in an instant.

Once you begin, the narrative will hold you in its vice-like grip. You may withdraw to bed at a respectable hour intending to read just one title before you switch out the light; however, be warned, you may find yourself still captivated at daybreak.

These stories are interspersed with a vivid, intelligent and intriguingly dark humour that may well take you by surprise. The title reveals all - these truly are 'Tales of the Bright, the Dark and the Bizarre'.

Following Connolly's novel Redferne, 'Tales of the Bright, the Dark, & the Bizarre' is a collection of short stories that is guaranteed to quicken the pulse. Best read on a cold, dark and windswept night.