ABOUT Michelle Kukral

Michelle Kukral
I’m a daughter, mother, wife, cook, dancer,
therapist, lover, kisser of boo-boos, maid,
artist, wannabe rockstar, writer and the list
goes on. I have a dirty little mind and a
desperate need to put those thoughts on
paper. Life’s been happily ever after fo More...



Layna Surya Valden had been told she was the last of the Fire, an ancient race of guardians, standing between the humans and those who dwelled in Darkness. Adrastos grew up unwanted and abused, plagued by dreams of shadows in the skies and a power unknown calling to him. Both wandered alone, their secrets keeping them apart from the rest of world. Neither could know these secrets would lead them into the flames. Together they must fight for their lives if they wish to find the place both belong.