Fork in the Road to Apocalypse

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Jeff Gonsalves

Publisher : Wild Child Publishing

Fork in the Road to Apocalypse

ABOUT Jeff Gonsalves

Jeff Gonsalves
I'm writing a series of science fiction books about aberrants with psychic abilities, sort of a mix of X-Files and X-Men. My first book, The Subnorms, received a favorable Kirkus review. My most recent, Fork in the Road to Apocalypse, has been published by Wild Child Publishing and is avai More...


"Fast, brutal, and darkly rewarding." --SciFi Books

"Gonsalves becomes a Master storyteller as he creates an earth-shattering adventure that rivets and amazes." --G. Ahearn, Surrounded by Books 

     Elliott Andersson is a disturbed young boy with a dangerous psychic talent. His mother believes that he can make a victim's worst fears materialize in times of stress, so she keeps him locked in her house for days at a time. In a fit of desperation, Elliott transforms her home into a fiery vision from Hell, drawing the government's attention. A frantic chase results in the crippling of federal agents and detainment of Elliott in a maximum-security seclusion tank.

Elliott's uncle Chuck is an operative working for the Genetics Bureau, the agency that has subdued his nephew. His job is to interrogate mutants to see if they possess lethal psychic abilities. When Elliott is imprisoned, Chuck embarks on a moral roller-coaster ride, uncertain whether to protect his nephew or society. His nonchalant attitude masks an innate desire to save Elliott at all costs--even if it means leaving casualties in their wake.

An interrogation proves that he can alter reality, and the government decides to evaluate Elliott for use in military combat. Frightened, but with a strong will to survive, he resists the hands twisting him into a weapon. He is reeling on the brink of despair when his uncle forms a band of renegade soldiers to smuggle Elliott out of the Genetics Bureau.

After this daring escape attempt, Chuck and a group of aberrants board a skim-cruiser headed into an uncharted wasteland. Pursued by the military, an android stalker, and a vengeful government agent, their only hope is to reach a leper colony that may not exist.

Shadowing every victory is the suspicion that Elliott cannot control his psychic ability, and is unconsciously using it against the people he loves most.

Chuck must determine whether Elliott can be saved, or whether his psychic ability must result in his own termination. But at whose hands?