Street Justice Charlie's Angel

Romance, General Fiction, Christian Books

By Samantha Fury

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Samantha Fury

Samantha Fury
Samantha FurySamantha Fury was born in Eastern Kentucky, the daughter of a coal miner & his loving homemaker. She is an only child so she spent many hours using her imagination to keep her busy. She graduated from high school, married in 1986 and began what she calls her 'life on t More...


     Charlie's life in Northern Ohio is  ordinary and consistent.   When her dad loses his job, fighting becomes an every day event. Moving in with her sister only makes matters worse. Her life is turned upside down.
      In a desperate  attempt  to find a safe haven,she ends up on the streets of Chicago. Here she's introduced to a different kind of world. A place where crime lords and women of the night come out to play.
     Charlie finds herself at the mercy of Rico DeLusa, a local crime king. When she begins having feelings for one of Rico's employees, Angel Blackwell, she wonders if she's out of her element. Is she being drawn into their world, instead of being a light in a dark place?
     Blackmail, prostitution and drugs were never a part of her life, but they are now  She finds herself in the middle of a fight between good and evil. She needs the strength to overcome, the wisdom to make the right choices, and the insight to follow what is right
     Instead of listening to her heart. . .

Street Justice started as a dream, and it's turned into a small family of books. So far I've written three in the series and hope to have at least ten maybe more. I have one in print, one in the proof stages, and one in the editing stages.

Quotes This review is from: Street Justice: Charlie's Angel (Volume 1) (Paperback) I just finished this book yesterday! I Absolutely Loved it! It had a Great Story line, and each Chapter left me wanting more. This Book is definitely a MUST Read!! Love Charlie's Character, she's such a sweet pure soul, And Angel gives us just the Edge we need! Buy it, Read it, and Love it, like I did! And I can't wait for the next one! Quotes
Sweetpea2322 "Joleen" (Ohio)
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Read!!!!,

Quotes This review is from: Street Justice: Charlie's Angel (Volume 1) (Paperback) i didn't want to read this book but my wife nagged me till i did. wow was i surprised! i really enjoyed it. was very well written. I like the overall good message of the book. just goes to show that sometimes good guys do finish first. I eagerly await the next one. Quotes
Professional Tourist
5.0 out of 5 Stars

Quotes I was given this novel to read by a family member while vacationing. Once I got started, the rest of the family didn't see me until I finished. The plot drew me in like that of a James Patterson or John Grisham volume. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants an intriguing story to occupy their mind. Quotes
Satisfied 5 out of 5 stars!