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By Summer Falls Pen Name

Publisher : Breathless Press

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Summer Falls pen name
My favorite genre is historical romance. Even as a child I wrote about castles, knights and damsels. I never depict damsels in distress.(How is that for alliteration?) Women in my novels are usually spunky, strong-willed and witty. The men are handsome, tempermental, and need a woman to t More...


This romantic holiday temptation is not your typical fairy tale.

Zoe, a maiden fairy, discovers her betrothed, Calpine, in the arms of her sister. She leaves her kingdom, flying until she crashes in a snowy land. To make matters worse, her wing is as damaged as her heart. Believing hope is unreachable and nothing could get worse, she is kidnapped, deepening her misery.

Fate steps in, and Zoe is literally thrown together with another of her kind … a handsome North Pole fairy named Stellar. Thinking he is part of the kidnapping scheme,she soons finds out he is a victim of kidnapping as well.  Zoe is reluctant to trust any man. But will she warm up to Stellar's smile and hand over her heart?

Let your imagination travel on an erotic journey to a land of fairies, snow and wonder. Zoe's spunky attitude will make you laugh and Stellar's love will cause you to forget you are reading fantasy. Enjoy!

Scintillating characters and story Review by Nic Overall Five of Five Stars!The flavor of this juicy tale stays on the readers tongue for a long-lasting experience! The animated characters are well developed and memorable. I enjoyed the fun dialogue and sensual feel of this story. This unique journey into a new fairy-world is fun, witty and titillating. Summer Falls is a smart and unique writer. I look forward to reading more of her work. (Posted on 2/10/10)

 Simply wonderful Review by Rain Chapman Overall Five of Five Stars!Stellar Surprise is filled with both humour and romance. It takes you on a journey through a familiar, well-loved place, seen from a refreshingly new perspective. With a bit of magic, a lot of love, and a hint of laughter, this Christmas temptation is guaranteed to bring a glimmer to your eye. Summer Falls brings her own unique voice to the world of romance. (Posted on 12/19/09)

Superb Author Review by Phil Kitom Overall  Five of Five Stars!This land is truly magical and has been conjured up by a superb author who has the wonderful ability to carry her readers along and ensure that they certainly enjoy the ride. It seems fate has ordained that Zoe has found the fairy of her dreams and together they find bliss in each other. (Posted on 12/11/09)