Tinna's Promise

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Miranda Mayer

Publisher : iUniverse

Tinna's Promise

ABOUT Miranda Mayer

Miranda Mayer
Miranda Mayer is a tree without roots.  Raised by culturally diverse parents, brought up in the heart of Europe, thrown unceremoniously into the US in her twenties and left in a state of culture-shock; to this day, Miranda has no idea where she really belongs. She may never discover that More...


As the fate usually has it for most of us; when we finally find our place in this world, it's only a matter of time before everything is turned upside down.  For Tinna, after years of searching, she has finally found the life she wants. Unfortunately, the act of making an innocent promise catapults her onto a journey across the land, where she becomes the vessel for the darkest secret ever to come to light. 

To what lengths would you go to keep a promise? Tinna made a promise, it's not a world-changing promise--she just wanted to follow through with something, to insure that a little boy, whose whole life has been rife with disappointment, would for once learn that adults are trustworthy. Tinna is an outcast from her own country. She's an outcast pretty much everywhere, but finally, she's found a place for herself, and she's finally considering an end to her wandering. A good man is in the offering, the unadulterated love of a broken child and a community that is willing to include her as one of their own... However, fate has something else in mind for Tinna. Carried away from the prospect of a simple life of comfort, and even love, Tinna is thrown into the middle a one-sided war where dragons are attacking humankind. Suddenly the resolution becomes her responsibility alone. What must Tinna do to find her way back to the life she has traveled so hard to find? And what must she endure to fulfill that one, simple promise to a hurt little boy?

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