Have You Ever...?

General Fiction

By Fi Fi Cureton

Publisher : A New Quality Publishing

Have You Ever...?

ABOUT Fi Fi Cureton

Fi Fi Cureton
FiFi Cureton is from Elizabeth NJ. This New Jersey native is a full-time working mother of two. Her freshman novel Sprung, gained her recognition and an audience in the literary world in 2006. With a strong passion for writing and the ability to entertain people through it, Ms. Cureton str More...



Have you ever met a man who you thought had so much potential you stuck by him, hoping he would be the one?


Have you ever tried to walk away once the reality set in, only to be seduced, finding yourself back in his arms and bed again?


Have you ever searched for something outside of what you were used to, and once you found it you became afraid?


Have you ever had the perfect soul-mate in your life, but the only flaw was…You were lonely?


What depths has loneliness ever taken you? Have you ever risked it all for a few moments of pleasure?


Have you ever…? Because I Have!