Dream Fighter Chronicles Book Two: Sarlak's Revenge

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Children's Books

By Calvin Locke

Publisher : Dream World Publications

ABOUT Calvin Locke

Calvin Locke



Six months have passed since the Dream Fighters discovered their secret powers. They succeeded in holding off the Gorgon invasion. Now, they must fulfill their destiny and defeat Sarlak.

Nothing ever goes as planned.

All but one of them dreams of an impossible battle against an army of enemies. Their new powers are
useless against this force. Jillian dreams of something much worse; the loss of their leader in battle.

The Dream Fighters must train hard at the academy to develop their powers. Haley can fly, Jack can stop time. Braden will learn a hidden ‘Higher Power’ which might just save them all. But will it be enough?

The Dream Fighters will lose their leader, and be forced to fight two of their own. Sarlak’s secret identity will be revealed. Faced with a tremendous Gorgon invasion and the loss of those they trusted, the Dream Fighters must join together in order to
save the academy and protect the real world.

Along with their long-lost cousin, Danny, and other new firends, they must face the menace of Sarlak head on, before his plan to enter the real world is hatched.

Filled with action and excitement, Book Two of the Dream Fighter Chronicles will keep you at the edge of your seat, wondering what Sarlak has in store next.