Back Stabbers II

General Fiction

By Nyema Taylor

Publisher : A New Quality Publishing

Back Stabbers II

ABOUT Nyema Taylor

Nyema Taylor
Nyema Taylor hails from out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is the author of the self-published novels Love & Consequences and Deceitful Obsession, published by Dreams 2 Write Publishing, which she is the founder and owner of. Her style is street savvy, raw, and relatable. She now r More...



After surviving what seemed like a never-ending dangerous and life threatening roller coaster ride, Philadelphia’s Azia Elliston has finally gotten her life back on track. Now living the life she’d always dreamed of, nothing could make her happier. But her happiness means nothing to Rashaud, her Ex, who pops back on the scene determined to make her life a living hell…Again! During that course another un-expected visitor from Azia’s past also resurfaces, stirring up some mixed emotions she had long ago buried and erased from her life, forcing her to make a life changing decision.

Mike, Azia’s knight in shining armor, wants nothing but the best for him and his ride-or-die chick, but he finds himself caught up in a lustful triangle of sin that puts him in a compromising situation and jeopardizes all that he’s worked so hard for. While trying to untangle himself from the web, he also discovers that someone in his circle has been lurking in the cut waiting for him to slip up so they could step in and take his place, both professionally and personally.

In this daring, raunchy street tale, the anticipated sequel to Back Stabbers, there is still no honor amongst thieves as one back stabber after the other attempt to claw their way to the top. Only this time, the stakes are higher. In a world where trust means Everything… Betrayal becomes the primary factor and everyone will learn that in life, some things are easily forgiven… But nothing is ever forgotten!

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