ABOUT Kevin Kierstead

Kevin Kierstead
Born in Ft. Wayne, IN and raised in southeastern VA, Kevin A. Kierstead was published by the age of 10 (editorial). After graduating high school in 1990, he joined the U.S.A.F. for four years while being published as the feature and sports writer for the North Pole Independent Newspape More...


Mankind’s worst critic just landed on Earth. Fortunately, so did his owner.

Altinison Borahamen (Alt) along with his super-intelligent, shrewd, curmudgeon of a pet, Khan, decide to make their pit stop on Earth stand for something meaningful. Instead of just collecting some materials that they need to repair their navigation and communications system, they make a critical decision. They decide it is time, finally, to make contact with humans.

Alt decides to write his story with brief input from Khan as they hide on Earth—a story that he believes will warm humankind up to the idea of in-the-flesh contact with aliens without making himself and Khan targets or disrupting life on Earth for the worse. He will try to gauge when humans are ready, and when they are, he and Khan will emerge.

Alt’s story illuminates the history of aliens on Earth, the mistakes humans have made and are making without preaching, the details about several different species of aliens and what his home is like, and the technology that will launch the world not decades into the future, but centuries.

Unlike most sci-fi stories, his is a colorful and understandable tale of failures and triumphs, of science and emotion, and of brand new comedy shared between him and his pet and among his species.

Aliens may or may not have already been to Earth, but mathematically, it's impossible that they won't eventually visit. Is it so hard to guess what it might really be like? Does it have to be the cliche E.T. or V or Alien(s)? No. This is not only a fresh, new perspective on alien interaction, but it is also a deep and totally controversial look at the history of mankind on Earth, what "God" is, and what's coming up for humankind in a near and distant future. You may hate Alt's pet, Khan (he's just mean) but you may just fall in love with him and the truths he so abrasively delivers. Suffice it to say that manners may not be popular in other parts of the Universe...