The Wooden Tongue Speaks

Biographies & Memoirs, Poetry, General Fiction

By Bogdan Tiganov

Publisher : Honest Publishing

ABOUT Bogdan Tiganov

Bogdan Tiganov
Bogdan Tiganov is a writer and artist, born in Brăila, Romania, on August 1, 1981. It was there that he started his lifelong interest in the arts, attending the Nicolai Bălcescu School of Music at the age of seven, where he learned to play piano as well as composing. In London, UK, he st More...


This collection of short stories and poetry set in post-Ceauşescu and post-Cold War Romania takes readers on a journey through the author’s home town of Brăila in the east of the country.

Exiled Romanian author Bogdan Tiganov explores social, religious and political issues with insightful frankness, through an array of colourful characters and narratives focusing on this newly, supposedly liberated world.

Tiganov’s stories offer an honest and rounded view of immigration like never heard before: the opportunities and the pitfalls, the reasons for and against mass migration, the pains suffered, the euphoric hope and optimism, the naivety and the greed.

This revised edition features brand new short stories and a new introduction from the author. Candid and exposing, this warts-and-all look at Romanian life with its dark undercurrent of wit cuts to the very heart of the country’s culture.

“With Tiganov, the intricateness of reality does not lose perspective of the intricateness of the imagination. In this way, the realm of detail becomes a political asylum.”
Lucas Hüsgen, Het labyrint wil niet (The Labyrinth is Unwilling)

“A collection of short stories and poems, The Wooden Tongue Speaks uncannily distills the very essence of Romanians, from the small joys and beauty to familiar warts-and-all everyday domestic blights.”
Andrew Begg at Vivid

“This volume of short stories and poems deserves its place in any library. Bogdan Tiganov distills emotion and offers frank descriptions to illuminate our vision. His composites of people, joys, scars, and of the ordinary are almost too lovely, too painful, and too eternal in their pure timelessness. [...] Do not pass the opportunity to own this book. It is more than a book. You will want to drink every word.”
D.B. Pacini  American Writer and Youth Mentor/Advocate

“These moving memories, stories and poems explore the mind-warping paranoia created by Romania’s notorious dictatorship, and are a brutally honest insight into the bleakness of its post-communist disillusion.”
Helena Drysdale (author of Looking for George)

“A mature book from a young author, whose writing already carries the fingerprints of a personal style with powerful lyrical accents, that decants in a language crossed by a rough, uncensored sensibility contrasting images from a disintegrated universe recomposed in words from the substance of nostalgia.”
Ilinca Bernea (author of Iubiri in Camasa de Forta)