A Purrfect Love

Children's Books

By D.K. Abbott

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

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D.K. Abbott

D.K. Abbott has been writing both fiction and non-fiction professionally for the last twenty-five years. After traveling for thirty-five years, she and her husband, Ronnie, returned to their roots and now share their home with their German Shepherd and four ca More...



Wally doesn't understand why he's a different color than his brothers and sisters. On top of that, he can't purr. All he can do is screech. The harder he tries, the worse he sounds. He wants to believe his mother when she tells him he'll purr when he's happy, but he doesn't understand what it's going to take to make him happy. So Wally begins a journey to discover the reason for his differences and hopes he can find something to make him purr. Instead, what he finds is the true meaning of love and acceptance.
The story itself flows quite nicely and gives the adult reader, reading with the child, golden opportunities to expand the lessons of the story. When reading to small children I tend to add little stories here and there whenever I get the chance and this work is ideal for that.

The illustrations are soft and have a nice warm feeling to them, probably done in colored pencil and water based color...very mellow and very well executed. The illustrator has a good eye.

This is an ideal book for a group read and has the capability of starting some very good discussions with the little ones. ~Don Blankenship, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

Most of us feel different in one way or another. Here's a little book for preschool children about a kitty who is a different color from his siblings and makes a very unkitty like sound when he mews. It is sure to teach youngsters (subtly, of course!) acceptance--of others and of themselves. I give it five stars for content. I also liked the illustrations. They were, well...gentle. Perfect for the subject matter.

This book also includes a few (very few!) words that most young people will not know--a perfect opportunity for them to grow their vocabularies at an early age. ~Carolyn Howard-Johnson

This adorable story about Wally, the screeching misfit kitten, was a purrfect charmer. I loved the way this little guy kept up his search to find acceptance (and the reason for his screeching) only to find love right back in the warmth of his own family circle. The simple watercolors of the kittens and all the barnyard critters are very appealing and bring out the inspirational nature of the book. I did spot one error in that the phrase "barn yard" was used on one page and the word "barnyard" on another, a fact that did not detract from the reading. This would be an excellent read and discuss book in the homeschool or classroom setting during circle or story time!  ~D. Fowler, Top 100 Reviewer

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