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By Delia Latham

Publisher : Vinspire Publishing

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Delia Latham
DELIA LATHAM enjoys multiple roles as Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend, but especially loves being a princess daughter to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. She's got a thing for Dr. Pepper, and enjoys interacting with her readers. You can contact her through her More...



A man’s eyes are the windows to his soul … if he has one.


Deep in the darkness of a Depression-era night, a man addicted to alcohol commits an unspeakable crime to obtain it. His vile action impacts the lives of two entire families, and decades will pass before the horrible wrong begins to be made right again.


Two young women – strangers to each other – unknowingly enmeshed in a Pandora’s Box of secrets that could prevent them from finding happiness with the men they love. Two adoring mothers who know more than they are willing to say. A newsman with a story he cannot tell.


What is their connection, and who is the golden-eyed stranger who moves in the shadows of their broken lives?

Goldeneyes is the book of my heart, perhaps because it is set partially in Weedpatch, CA, where I was born and raised. I so wanted to write this story...but I hadn't much more than gotten started when I hit a MAJOR wall of writer's block. Looking back, I believe Weedpatch was so real to me that I was having a hard time fictionalizing it...or maybe God had other plans as far as timing. Either way, I laid it aside to enter the 2005 Nanowrimo event, and when I picked it back up, God gave me the go-ahead and the inspiration to finish the book. I like the finished product, and I think you will too! :)

From the very first page, I was drawn into Jack Kelly’s story. Rich storytelling combined with believable and lovable characters only enhanced the already well-woven plot. Goldeneyes was filled with twists and turns and surprises I never saw coming. Add to this the faith and Christian values sprinkled throughout the pages and you get an amazing story of love, faith, and endurance of spirit that you won’t soon forget. Delia Latham’s Goldeneyes is a treasure of story sure to make an impact on anyone who picks it up.

Reviewed by Cholla/Long and Short Reviews

I need to return to school to update my vocabulary in order to do justice to this book! Never have I read anything quite like it! This is the most unbelievable story I have ever read. Maybe someone could envision this plot; however, there is no way anyone could possibly match Ms. Delia Latham’s expertise in her details. I could not stop reading; it was that mind-boggling. I could not wait to turn the page. This book is bound for greatness…it should be seen on all the top-seller lists.

Reviewed by: Brenda Talley/The Romance Studio

... a beautifully written story.  Each character brings their own strong performance to the forefront with such a powerful force you can not help but entrance yourself in their world.  Ms. Latham has written a story with such an amazing storyline, with so many twists and turns, that you are left wanting more. She takes having secrets to a whole new level.  Goldeneyes is a story that booklovers should put at the top of their reading list.

Reviewed by Matilda/Coffee Time Romance

Goldeneyes is a well-written, soul-stirring story about a terrible wrong that was done to one family and the repercussions that lasted for many years because of it.  It’s also a story of the good that can come by putting your faith and trust in God.  Finally, it’s a story of redemption, forgiveness and love.

... a wonderful inspirational read - not only that, it is also a tender romance.   It’s nice to read sweet romances, and it’s also nice to have some spirituality woven into the storyline. Goldeneyes touched me and hopefully it will touch you, too.
 Reviewed by Julie Kornhausl/Romance Reader at Heart

... I give this book 5 Stars. One of the best writers of our time; Delia Latham has an  intelligent way with words, it's as if each word in the story has its own color, and as you read it, a brilliant picture is being painted on a blank canvas, leaving a masterpiece in the mind long after you're finished. This is a must read, don’t miss out, this book has so much heart and soul it lives in itself. Wonderful read!

Tabitha/Ghostwriter LIterary Reviews

GOLDENEYES, by Delia Latham is filled with brilliant and shocking surprises wonderfully placed throughout the story but appropriately left for the ending of most chapters. Miss Latham creates the characters in such a way that all of them no matter good or bad become likeable by the ending of the story. The best part of reading GOLDENEYES was just when you think the ending of the story is predictable, Miss Latham shocks you and tempts you to read further . This book is definitely a page turner and a very easy and compelling read.

Maisha Walker/The Road to Romance