Poetry of the Heart and Soul


By Nessa Arcamenel

Publisher : Create Space

ABOUT Nessa Arcamenel

Nessa Arcamenel
  I currently live in Albertville, Alabama with my husband, two kids, our loving cat Binah, and our little chihuahua Precious. Growing up in a small town I never really had much though music was always my outlet. So instead of writing music as a way to express myself I turned to poetry th More...



Poetry of the Heart and Soul expresses a deep emphasis on expression and is particularly aimed at the goal of not letting anything hold you back from your creativeness which burns inside you mind, heart, and soul.

The expression of poetry presented here is unique and freelance written, varying from different times and places within Poetess Nessa's own Heart and Mind.

With her dedication and ever striving longing to make it as an author, it is clear this dream has now been accomplished.

May you enjoy the fruits and labors of love givin in key expressions of the poetesses mind