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Cindy Vine
Teacher, single mother, all-time survivor, author, world traveler, your basic standard global citizen who loves to write.  I'm currently living in Tanzania and am the author of the self-help book Fear, Phobias and Frozen Feet, as well as the novels Stop the world, I need to pee!  The Cas More...



Apartheid South Africa 1982.

An unexpected windfall for her eighteenth birthday gives Kara Butler the opportunity to escape her miserable home life and start somewhere else afresh.  She randomly picks Bretherton, a small sleepy seaside town where nothing much happens.  But soon her life becomes tangled up with a brain-damaged co-worker, a manipulative married doctor and his agoraphobic wife and Kara's life is set to change forever.  Obsession, lust, betrayal and murder enter the fray, which will leave you wondering just who is the real victim in this riveting tale which was inspired by a true story.

When I was a child I was fascinated by a story dominating the news headlines about a young girl who murdered her lover's wife with a pair of scissors. I always wondered what would make someone do something like that. In Defective, I thought it would be fascinating to explore a young girl's relationship with an older man, and look at what the motivations on both sides would be.


What I love most about this book? No matter how you expect it to end you'll be shocked when all your ideas are for naught. This story haunts you long after you finish it and you don't know exactly how to feel about the outcome, which keeps you thinking. You feel so many different emotions for the individual characters it's simply astounding.

Cindy Vine is an excellent writer and I cannot wait to read more from her. This book had it all; murder, mayhem, insanity, phobias, abuse, manipulation. It's a feast of the worst qualities that makes people so vulnerable and you get an idea of just how dangerous the human mind can be when pushed to the limits. This is a true must-read book! It will leave you with your jaw hanging open at the end.

-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club