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Lois Trader
A two-time survivor of life-threatening disease, and a woman who has lived through bankruptcy - not only financially but physically, psychologically, and spiritually - Lois knows what it is to be bankrupt in every way. She has risen above these circumstances; her passion now is to give oth More...



Over 50 million Americans are caregivers for the adult population.

The largest percent of caregivers are women.

The largest percent of people needing care will be women.

Women in this generation are dying unnecessarily.


Since 1985 more women than men have died from heart disease.

That’smore than two decades.


Only 13% of women view heart disease as a health threat, even though Heart Disease is women’s number one killer.


Cardiovascular disease kills over 480,000 women a year, about one per minute.

64% of women who died suddenly of coronary heart disease had no previous symptoms.


Stoke is the number 3 cause of death for American women, and is a leading cause of serious, long term disability.


Stroke kills more women than men.


My personal experience backed by recent statistics show that women don’t make their own heart health a priority. 


Family obligations and caring for others continue to be the reasons women aren’t making steps to prevent heart disease. 


This is ironic. 

If given the choice our families would choose our lives over obligations.