Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Ryan S. Fortney

Publisher : Smashwords

ABOUT Ryan S. Fortney

Ryan S. Fortney
I really don't like writing "About me" sections. I've written a novel, a bunch of short stories and I've published a few of these. I consider myself independent and I'd like to keep it that way - gives more a sense of achievement when you can do it all yourself.

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Some believe extraterrestrials will end life as we know it. Others believe the risen dead will ravage the population and dominate the Earth. And then there are the others that think terrorists will wipe us out.

I say, “why not all three?”

The year is 2020, nearly six years after much of the planet’s population has been wiped out. Through the eyes of a man named Dante Marcellus, you experience the reclamation of memories lost, due to unknown reasons.

With the undead and a slew of monstrous aliens (spawned from a rift in Manhattan) walking the desolate planes of the United States of America, the remaining population fights to survive under the protection of a group named PaxCorpus.

But to make things even crazier, the homicidal terrorist movement, ZeroFactor, threatens to murder anyone not affiliated with themselves – a new world order, they say – extinction.

Fighting tooth and nail to get a grasp on the events of his past, Dante unknowingly causes a chain of events that lead to an almost mirror of the events that caused humanities’ situation to begin with.

And with a vulgar, blood-stained kick to the face, everything unwinds right before him, with the barrel of his own weapon aimed between his eyes.

This isn’t about glampires or raging teenage hormones – this is PaxCorpus – the beginning of the end.

What's the story behind PaxCorpus? Misguided love and heartbreak. Before any of that, the only form of Pax was a simple page and a half prologue that meant almost nothing. This is what came to be after three months of stewing and then two years of mapping the pieces together.