Fast Forward: Into The Future

Fast Forward: Into The Future

ABOUT Kelvin ORalph

Kelvin ORalph
Kelvin is an undergraduate at a university in UK. Writing has always been a deep passion of his. If he is not writing, he's reading. Also, he believes that things are mostly expressed with words. Kelvin has written two books at the moment; one's a fantasy/YA novel, while the other is a More...


Before Lucas turned eighteen, he had four goals:
Finish his novel
Publish his novel
Sell his novel and,
Get the girl of his dreams

It sounded pretty easy at the time

Now the girl is leaving
His book hasn't reached the desk of a publisher
and he has the gift of time travelling, which affects his social life. 

Will Lucas use his gift to create his dream life, or will he watch his dreams fade?