Desire Hereafter

General Fiction, Romance

By Roxanne Aska

Publisher : createspace

ABOUT Roxanne Aska

Roxanne Aska
Roxanne is a native of the Caribbean Island  of Antigua. From an early age she enjoyed writing and penned numerous poems and short stories that she'd mainly kept to herself. Later, she abandoned writing and settled for full time employment. However, after a while she realized that she der More...


On a regular day, Dr. Carl Bailey is called to an emergency situation. As with all cases, he quickly rushed to answer; now placed in a life saving situation he performs his duties competently and saves a child’s life. It’s a normal procedure; but not to Kathy Moore, the mother of the child. Carl’s competence and persona induces an insatiable lust in her and she sees him as more than a doctor. He is A Savior, An Idol, Something Extraordinary, and she is out to get him, no matter what.