Brandy Alexander


“Although I absolutely love the challenge of teaching young minds, I am very excited that my writing continues to take me to new places. Who knows where the next creative adventure will lead.”

Growing up in an isolated area of the Texas Gulf Coast, Brandy Alexander found adventure, entertainment and friendship within the pages of her many books. When she wasn’t swimming, exploring or pretending to be a teacher, she spent days at a time lost in the fictional world of religious paranormal fantasy. Having spent so many years as a voracious reader, she has been heavily influenced by a variety of writers including Frank E. Peretti, Ted Dekker, C.S. Lewis, Jerry B. Jenkins, Tim LaHaye, J.K. Rowling and Kelly Armstrong.

Graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Secondary Education, she began her teaching career in Art and Theatre and eventually added English Language Arts, Reading and Writing to her list of subjects taught. It was a natural extension of her creative talents when she decided to write her first novel. Despite her professional pursuits, Brandy is a devoted Christian who loves spoiling her husband and son with gourmet meals when she isn’t actively writing her next novel.

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