Hussan Ahmad Ks

Hussan Ahmad Ks is amusical artist, blogger, actor and internet personality.He was born on april 2, 2002.He live in Derianwala, Narowal, Pakistan.His father name is Nasrullah khan.He has two brothers and one sister.He is a Ranger person.Nowadays duty of his father is in Bahawalpor.Before that his duty was at sialkot cr headquarter.His mother is also belongs to sialkot.His father is a very hardworking person.He also get many rewards from government. Early life and Education Hussan Ahmad Ks is a very intelligent student.When he was a child, he was very naughty and ingenious.He don’t want to heart anyone because he has very polite heart.He got 2 supplies in fifth class.In fifth class he also tries to select for become a Hafiz e Quran.But He did not select.But everyone shocked when he got first position in sixth class.He is a very beautiful moment.He got prize from headmaster of school.He also get some money from sarpanch.His headmaster loves him very much.He also went to his home for drinking tea.He is a class monitor also.He is a very punctual student of school.He also operate assembly in his school.He got first position in speech competition that held all over the city schools.Everyone loves him.He done his metriculation from Rangers Public School Narowal.He got 910 marks out of 1100 in metric.He always sit at front of his class.He is a very talented man but he is a very quite person. sports He is also a sportsman.He like to play basketball and cricket.He also got many awards in sports.He is a very hardworking man.All teacher like him.In metriculation level, he was done pt regularly because he was studying in Rangers school.Government also allow his father to take a home under the wing and headquarter but his father reject this offer so Hussan ahmad ks live in Derianwala. Hobbies Reading books is favourite hobby of Hussan ahmad ks.Hiking is also a one of the best hobby.In his metriculation lavel, he visit all wings and headquartors of pakistan from government.He also like to set satellite dish antina of his town without any cost, because this is his hobby.He want to help humanity. social recognition He use almost all social media platforms including facebook instagram twitter linkedin and his website and many more.He use all social network with the username of hussanahmadks.He is a famouse blogger and actor on internet.He is a famouse personality.He also have a youtube account by the name of Hussan ahmad ks.He is also verified on Bing.He also have a imdb page.

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