Joe Cater

Joe Cater was born in deepest, darkest West Yorkshire, his father was a mid-ranking civilian Quality Control Officer on an RAF base and his mother a housewife. His grandparents and uncle worked in cotton mills in the Calder valley. He attended grammar school before earning his Bachelor’s degree in Geology at Leicester University. He is now a well-respected businessman with over twenty years of experience in the UK recruitment industry and owner of several properties on the south coast near his home in Eastbourne. He has travelled extensively across the Far East and Africa as well as Australia and most of Europe, East and West. This is his first book and he chose a subject he is passionate about and where his deep understanding of the UK job market, university graduates, Eastern Europeans and his experiences whilst travelling would be of valuable assistance in writing. He is keen on fine dining, great Christmas dinners and women, he lives with his cat Dave (David when he’s naughty) and a motley collection of badgers, foxes, seagulls and squirrels on the patio, his fault for feeding them. He can be contacted at

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