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Dear BookBuzzr,

Hope you're getting ready for the arrival of summer!

The past month saw a whirlwind of activity at the BookBuzzr offices. We conducted a highly successful Hunger Games Fan Festival on Freado, interviewed two best selling BookBuzzr authors and released a new summer landing page widget theme. Along the way, we had plenty of reason to rejoice with over 8,000 authors now becoming part of the BookBuzzr community. Special thanks to Stephanie Norris, author of Trouble in Paradise who kept our spirits soaring by breaking into the top 10 on Amazon (#9 in contemporary fiction) and by commenting:

"I love the Bookbuzzr tools available with the pro subscription. The landing page widget, the tweeter, the book sample page widget, and the option to enter your book on for a chance to win by simply playing games is a great idea that gives authors a unique and fun way to have your book exposed. I would recommend Bookbuzzr to anyone who is taking their craft seriously and can use effective and inexpensive ways to get it done!"

Interview with Best Selling Author Judy Powell
BookBuzzr Author Pro Plus subscriber Judy Powell is another author who has had reason to celebrate in the recent past. Her book Hot Summer has been ranked #1 in Multicultural, #4 in Contemporary Romance and #47 in the entire Kindle store. In a recent interview with BookBuzzr staff, Judy was extremely candid and generous in giving advice on her book marketing secrets and even sharing her sales figures in dollar terms! Do spend a few minutes going through this interview. It can make a huge difference to your book.

Interview with Book Marketing Expert and Best Selling Author Aggie Villanueva
Another long time BookBuzzr subscriber is book marketing expert Aggie Villanueva. Aggie has recently released a book - Amazon Categories Create Best Sellers (which also broke into a Kindle top 10 list.) Aggie tells you the single biggest mistake that authors make when it comes to promoting their books on Amazon, what authors can do to avoid getting banned or blacklisted by Amazon and the simple steps that they can take to improve their book's rank on Amazon. Check out the interview. It will give you a completely different insight into the workings of this mysterious, giant marketing machine.

Announcing the Launch of a New Summer Landing Page Widget Theme
Aah summer! Rolling waves. Warm sands. Tall cool drinks. And a great book to read!

Inspired by such a vision, we've created a new landing page widget theme which you can use for your book this summer. And judging by the fact, that several authors have installed this theme on their blogs and websites even before we made this announcement it seems that this theme will be liked by many authors. Click here to see the widget theme and to get it for your book. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Hunger Games Fan Festival on Freado
As you probably know, we conducted the Hunger Games fan festival on Freado between April 10th and 30th. The idea was to draw the fans of the Hunger Games to Freado and expose the books of our participating authors to this fan base. The festival had thousands of participants visiting the Freado site and playing Hunger Games related quizzes and hangman games and winning Hunger Games merchandize. A number of BookBuzzr authors (such as Sage Kalmus) participated enthusiastically and created a number of games to win prizes while also gaining readers for their books.

Kindle Winner and Next Kindle Drawing on Freado
Lynne Ellison was the proud winner of a Kindle this April and commented, "I found the Covermatcher very compelling and even addctive. Until the recent changes I found it very hard to load onto my computer, but this problem has been solved. It is a great way to stretch your memory!"

If you have not yet tried the new CoverMatcher game take a look. But be warned. It can be addictive! As a bonus you can win another Kindle which we are giving away on September 3rd!

Make a Suggestion to Win $50
Got an idea for a new book marketing technology for BookBuzzr authors? A suggestion to make more fun for readers? Let us know in the comments section on this post. The best suggestion received before May 31st 2012 gets a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

This Month's Top BookBuzzr Books
And now onto the lists of the top BookBuzzr books for the month of April 2012.

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