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As an author, you feel compelled to check your sales rank because that's the only way you know if your book is selling. You visit Amazon several times a day to find out if your book's sales rank has improved. While this may take just a few minutes of your time, it does cut into your 'flow' ... sometimes with devastating consequences to your morale and book marketing efforts.

Imagine this. You wake up in the morning and after eagerly turning on your computer, you head to Amazon to find out if your book's sales rank has improved. If your sales rank has not improved, you tend to feel a little depressed. If, on the other hand, if you're rank has improved, you're delighted! And since Amazon updates this information once every hour, it's possible that your sales rank went up and came down while you were sleeping. Thus, you feel motivated to visit Amazon frequently to check your sales rank. This is very similar to the behavior of a person sitting at a slot machine at a casino and pulling the lever in the hope that this time, he'll hit the jackpot.

You know that you're wasting time, feeling guilty but needing to do it anyway. You are compelled to check your sales rank because that's the only way you know if your book is selling.

Not anymore.

BookBuzzr's new Amazon Alerts tool frees you from the time-wasting grip of the Amazon sales rank. It sends you an email alert ONLY if your sales rank has improved (indicating the "ka-ching".) And it sends you a 'daily digest' with information about how your sales rank moved during each day. You can thus stay focused on your activities without breaking your flow, wasting time or having to feel de-motivated if you see that your sales rank has nose-dived.

Please note that this tool is available only to subscribers of BookBuzzr Games. If you are a BookBuzzr Games subscriber, simply setup the tool by logging into your BookBuzzr account and you're all set. Do it today. It will save you several hours a week.

If you're not a BookBuzzr Games subscriber, this is an excellent time to subscribe since we're changing pricing plans (i.e. increasing the entry costs) in the next few weeks. Current pricing is only $4.79 per month

Comment from a Freado Prize Winner

"I had sooo much fun playing the book matching game. It was a fun way to earn points which I used to bid on the books I wanted. I also found some great new books to add to my book list, BUT the best part was actually winning a book, Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris, all for FREE. I wasn't sure in the beginning about the site but what they say is true. Its soooo awesome!!!! Well I'm off to play and bid again..."
Brandy Blake
Book Lover and Winner of the Best Selling Book - DEAD AND GONE by Charlaine Harris

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